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Contractual Maintenance Services

Serving the U.S. Gulf Coast since 1991





 Contractual Maintenance Services 


Apogee Electronic Services, Inc., a different class of contractual service organization. Apogee is committed to providing customer oriented service solutions to major equipment manufacturers and nationwide service organizations. We strive to develop long-lasting relationships with our partners that are built on honesty and fairness.


Imagine outsourcing your company’s field service to an organization that not only repairs your product but also maintains your customer/account. Many large nationwide service organizations are fair to good when repairing your product, however what level of performance do you expect from these organizations when it comes to building a personal relationship with your customers and representing your organization in a positive light?


Apogee strives to build rapport with your customer, placing them at ease and therefore maintaining an open line of communication. We work with your customer’s management ensuring efficient operations. We take pride in providing you with insight and feedback concerning their needs and desires. We keep you abreast of changing customer sentiments and underlying issues while working with your management, sales and technical support in a proactive manner to resolve all concerns. We provide account relationship management that keeps your organization poised to take full advantage of recurring sales cycles, new products and service opportunities.



 Services Provided 


Customer Service Engineers / Technical Sales Engineers / Account Relationship Management:

  • responding to customer call-outs 
  • evaluating and resolving problems 
  • assisting with the installation of equipment 
  • ongoing customer training 
  • corrective and preventive maintenance 
  • monitoring the performance of products 
  • providing customers / clients with regular reports and feedback 
  • developing and maintaining relationships with customers 
  • feedback on future product development, features and functions 
  • searching for new clients who might benefit from your company’s products or services 
  • traveling to visit potential clients 
  • managing and interpreting customer requirements - speaking with customers to understand, anticipate and meet their needs 
  • persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery 
  • offering after-sales support services 
  • recording and maintaining client contact data 
  • providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education 
  • liaising with other members of the sales team and other technical experts 


 Industries Served 



High Speed Currency Counters – Ticket Redemption Kiosks – Automated Teller Machines



High Speed Reader/Sorters – Remittance (Lockbox) Workstations – High Speed Document Scanning


Third Party: 

Printfold Folders – Pressure/Sealers Folders


For more information please contact us or email: info@apogee-electronics.com


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